Magpie Goose


Magpie Goose (Anseranas semipalmata)

The Magpie Goose (Anseranas semipalmata) is a magpie goose from the family of (Anseranatidae).

Species name

Dutch name:
English name:
Magpie Goose
German name:
French name:
Canaroie semipalm
Scientific name:
Anseranas semipalmata

Scientific classification




Has black and white plumage. It has black head, neck, upper breast, wings, rump, tail and thighs. 
The underparts, underwing-coverts, mantel, lesser upperwing-coverts and uppertail-coverts are white. 
On the head, the male has a protuberance at the top of the crown, varying in size. The facial skin is red. The bill is greyish-horn with red cere. The eyes are dark brown. Legs and semipalmated feet are orange to reddish.
During the dry season, the underparts are often tinged rufous, due to stagnant muddy waters. 

Has similar plumage but she is smaller with smaller knob on crown. 

Is greyer and mottled. It has dull black areas, and white, washed brownish rest of plumage. Bill and facial skin are grey. The knob is absent and grows little by little.

Standard Measurements

Body Length (cm):
The male (drake) of the Magpie Goose measures approximately 77-90 centimeters. The female measures approximately 75-90 centimeters.
Body Weight (grams):
The male will weight about 2800 gram. The female will weight about 2000 gram.
The weight is notoriously variable and can only be used as indication!

Magpie geese are ideally kept full-winged in a large, high aviary with high perches provided; they normally perch in trees in the daytime and roost on perches at night.. Magpie geese are prone to Frostbite in very severe weather and may lose toes as a result. A frost-free and possibly heated shelter for roosting should be provided in winter, or a weather-proofed electric heat lamp over a pile of dry straw in an outside enclosure may be used. They are less prone to Frostbite if they are able to perch off the ground.

Magpie geese breed variably in captivity, and may breed best if left full-winged. Fully-winged birds nest above ground level, although pinioned birds may build a substantial nest on the ground, or on a low platform if provided. Frequently form trios (male and two females), usually with the females related. Mate formation may be best encouraged by introducing a juvenile male and two females, possibly sisters. Pairing of adult birds may take years. Copulation normally occurs at the nest. Eggs may be laid as early as April and as late as September, with re-laying if eggs are removed and up to four clutches laid in a season. Nesting and egg laying appears to be stimulated by prolonged periods of heavy rain. All adults share incubation and care for the young.

The female Magpie Goose usually lays from 5-11 off-white eggs and incubates them for 25-28 days.

Bird banding:
Recommended closed leg band ring size for the Magpie Goose is 18 mm.
The leg band ring can only be applied on a young magpie goose at around 16-18 days old.

It doesn't matter what leg that you band, but it's good to have a consistent system.
Suggested: Left leg = Female, Right leg = Male
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