Brazilian teal

Braziliaanse taling

Brazilian teal (Amazonetta brasiliensis)

The Brazilian teal (Amazonetta brasiliensis) is a eend from the family of Eendachtigen (Anatidae).

Species name

Dutch name:
Braziliaanse taling
English name:
Brazilian teal
German name:
French name:
Canard amazonette
Scientific name:
Amazonetta brasiliensis

Scientific classification




The Brazilian teals are light brown in colour. Drakes distinguish themselves from females in having red beaks and legs, and in having a distinctive pale grey area on the side of its head and neck. The colour of these limbs is much duller in females.

Standard Measurements

Body Length (cm):
The male (drake) of the Brazilian teal measures approximately 35-40 centimeters. The female measures approximately 35-40 centimeters.
Body Weight (grams):
The male will weight about 600 gram. The female will weight about 600 gram.
The weight is notoriously variable and can only be used as indication!

There are two sub-species:

  • A. brasiliensis brasiliensis (lesser Brazilian teal)
  • A. brasiliensis ipecutiri (greater Brazilian teal)
The female Brazilian teal usually lays from 8-12 Creamy white eggs and incubates them for 23-28 days.

Bird banding:
Recommended leg band size for the Brazilian teal is 8 mm.
The leg band can only be applied on a young eend at around 12 days old.

It doesn't matter what leg that you band, but it is good to have a consistent system.
Suggested: Left leg = Female, Right leg = Male
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Photos of the Brazilian teal

Videos of the Brazilian teal

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