David Seth-Smith's 1926 shot of a pair of pink-headed ducks in captivity—one of the only known photographs of the species. ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON/BRIDGEMAN IMAGES

In Search of the Exclusive Pink-Headed Duck

The Pink-headed Duck was always considered rare, but it has not been conclusively seen in the wild since 1949 in India and is known from Myanmar from only two specimens. Unconfirmed reports of…

White-Sholdered ibis

White-Sholdered ibis nests discovered in Preah Vihear

Six nests of the critically endangered white-shouldered ibis have been found in the northern plains of Preah Vihear province.

According to a statement from the Wildlife Conservation Society…

Mar Chiquita lake harbours most of the planet's Chilean Flamingos © Pablo Rodriguez Merkel

Argentina’s Flamingos

This year’s British Birdwatching Fair will support the creation of Argentina's largest national park, in the process providing a haven to nearly a million flamingos and shorebirds.