Lundi Micro 45

Lundi Micro 45

Lundi Micro 45
Packing size:
15 kg

Not a new formula, but with 42% protein the best rearing feed from Lundi.

Lundi Micro 45 is the ideally balanced, floatable rearing feed for all types of ornamental water poultry. With real sea salt, spirulina algae, valuable proteins (42% share!) And many vitamins (including botin), this high-quality single food forms the basis for healthy growth from the first day and lifelong vitality.

Because of their small shape, the croquettes, which are carefully produced in an elaborate extrusion process, are also attractive for adult animals, in particular limikolas, and can be fed as main food. The feeding area also remains clean. The animals do not smear themselves.

Lundi Micro 45 is made exclusively from wholesome and selected raw materials. Therefore, it is also ideal for the year-round nutrition of your ducks and limikolas. We have tested it for you. We loved it. You will be too!

Lundi Micro 45 can be sprinkled on the water or can be fed floating in a bowl and is guaranteed to be made without preservatives and meat and bone meal.

Do not hesitate. Test the best rearing feed from Lundi too. For visible success!

Crude protein:
Crude fat:
Crude fiber:
Crude ash:
Vitamin A
12000 I.E. / kg
Vitamin D3
2000 I.E. / kg
Vitamin E
200mg / kg