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In 2010, the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2020 – which commits the European Commission, the European Parliament and the EU Member States to take action on all key drivers of biodiversity loss and degradation of ecosystem services – was adopted and endorsed by all the stakeholders. At this halfway point to 2020, BirdLife International is assessing the progress of the EU. The six targets of the strategy each address a different cause of biodiversity loss: lack of implementation of existing legislation, deterioration and loss of ecosystems, unsustainable agriculture, unsustainable fisheries, invasive alien species and the ecological footprint of the EU on the rest of the world. The objective for 2020 is to halt the loss of biodiversity and degradation of ecosystem services in the EU and restore them, as well as stepping up the EU contribution to averting global biodiversity loss. Our conclusion is that we are far from achieving this.

Want to know the six targets?
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BirdLife Australia's new wetland bird app! 

This little gem includes drawings and photographs, detailed descriptions, distribution maps, conservation status and calls for the 63 non-passerinespecies you’re likely to encounter at the near-coastal and inland wetlands of south-eastern Australia. Get these birds in your pocket for free by visiting the iTunes store. We hope to make the app available on android later this year too... 

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Birdlife Wetland Bird Field Guide


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My Waterfowl offers an interactive website with information about the aviculture of ornamental waterfowl with the best pictures, videos and sounds. Help us to improve or expand the Bird Guide. Place ads on Birdmarket, share your experiences to My Waterfowl and through your social channels. Simply Use your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account to log in.

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